instituDE Article Series on the July 15 Coup Attempt

by instituDE, published on the July 15th, 2021

It has been five years since the failed coup attempt in Turkey and no one has any clear idea yet what actually happened that night. While the complete narrative and evidence about the failed coup have yet to be clarified, the scope of the reaction by the Turkish government to the coup attempt was quite horrifying. Beyond any doubt, the coup attempt dramatically transformed Turkey’s domestic and foreign policies.

Domestically, Erdogan used the attempt as an excuse to purge tens of thousands of military and civilian government officials accused of links to the Gulen Movement. While the failed putsch has accelerated democratic backsliding and further curtailed freedoms and human rights in the country, on the foreign policy front, there has been a major shift in the actions and vision of the government. The atmosphere of uncertainty in the wake of the coup has enabled the Erdoğan government to structurally transform the foreign policy decision making.

This collection consists of the opinion articles authored on the 4th anniversary of July 15 coup attempt in 2020 by members and fellows of instituDE. In these pieces, authors analyze and delve into the attempted coup from various aspects and challenge the official coup narrative of the Erdoğan government.