About Us

The Institute for Diplomacy and Economy (instituDE) stands as an independent, research-driven NGO. Headquartered in Brussels, instituDE was established by a group of former Turkish diplomats. Driven by deep concerns about the descent into autocracy over the last decade, both Turkey and abroad, instituDE firmly believes that reembracing democratic norms and values, as well as restoring the rule of law is essential for achieving a peaceful, stable, and prosperous world.

In pursuit of its mission, instituDE conducts rigorous research, offering in-depth analyses, policy briefs, and commentaries not only on Turkish foreign policy, diplomacy, and the economy but also on global affairs, governance, and international politics. Furthermore, instituDE extensively documents human rights violations in Turkey, subjecting them to scrutiny under both domestic and international legal frameworks.

In active collaboration with universities, research institutions, and human rights NGOs, instituDE participates in various projects, translating its research findings into practical and actionable inputs, thereby contributing to ongoing efforts. Lastly, instituDE strives to foster public debate and dialogue by sharing valuable insights derived from its research and policy advice and pursuing long-term engagements with a diverse array of foreign policy professionals. This engagement occurs within strategic communities cultivated or joined by instituDE, reinforcing its commitment to making meaningful contributions to the discourse on key issues in international politics and governance.