Mehmet Bozkaya

Secretary General
Mehmet Bozkaya is an international law and human rights law researcher and former Turkish diplomat. He worked as a legal counsel in the Legal Consultancy Unit and the Human Resources Department at the headquarters of Turkish Foreign Ministry. At these positions, he actively participated in personnel investigations, institutional development projects, drafting new regulations and judicial procedures against the Ministry and submitted legal opinions with regard to draft texts of international agreements. Before the end of his duty at the Ministry in September 2016, he was serving with the title of Second Secretary at the Turkish Embassy in the Hague.‍ He conducts studies on contemporary legal issues, among others, data privacy, corporate social responsibility and financial crimes. He also counsels private entities on various legal matters.‍ Bozkaya has an LL.M degree in human rights law from Maastricht University and an LL.B degree from Bilkent University. He currently lives in the Netherlands.