İmdat Öner

Board Member
Imdat Oner is a Senior Policy Analyst at Jack D. Gordon Public Policy Institute of Florida International University (FIU). Before joining FIU, he was a former Turkish diplomat, recently served in the Turkish Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela. He was the Deputy of Head of Mission and Political Officer at the Embassy. He is currently pursuing a combined M.A./PhD program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (M.A.) and International Relations (Ph.D.) at FIU.‍ He specializes in International Relations with major focuses on Turkish foreign policy and Latin American politics. Mr. Oner has extensively published on Venezuelan politics and Turkish foreign policy. His articles published in War on the Rocks, The National Interest, Americas Quarterly, Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica, Miami Herald, and Ahval. He is also a frequent contributor to Global Americans. His analyses have been featured in international media, including Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, Miami Herald and Agencia EFE.‍ Mr. Oner holds an M.A. in International Relations and B.A in Political Science.