Cemal Tahir Şanlı

Board Member
Cemal Tahir Şanlı is a business analyst, data science enthusiast and a former Turkish diplomat.‍ During his tenure of six years at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, he worked at the West Africa and East Asia desks. In addition, he has had 2 years of field experience in the Middle East in his service as Vice Consul and Deputy Chief of Mission to the Turkish Consulate General in Mosul during a highly turbulent time that saw the rise of ISIS.‍ He assumed responsibility in the organization of NATO, UN G20 Summits hosted by Turkey, gave lectures on Iraq and ISIS to senior Political Sciences students.Mr. Şanlı holds a B.A. in Management from Boğaziçi University (İstanbul) and is currently pursuing an MA in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.‍ As a human rights activist, he is currently also involved with Diversity & Inclusion work in the Dutch context.‍ Mr. Şanlı speaks English, some Dutch and some Korean.