Comparison of Mass Incarcerators

February 7, 2024
by instituDE, published on 7 February 2024
Comparison of Mass Incarcerators

El Salvador's President Bukele has achieved a decisive victory in the recent presidential elections, securing over 80% of the votes. His popularity in the country is largely attributed to his successful efforts in addressing the longstanding issue of gangs that plagued El Salvador. However, this triumph against criminal elements has raised concerns about human rights violations.

Bukele's administration has implemented a tough stance, resulting in the imprisonment of more than 75,000 individuals on allegations of gang affiliations. Consequently, El Salvador now faces one of the highest incarceration rates globally, with an estimated 2 percent of its adult population behind bars. Critics argue that many of these arrests are arbitrary, prompting human rights groups to condemn the government's actions.

El Salvador is not unique in facing criticism for arbitrary detentions and high incarceration rates. Countries such as China, Turkey, and Egypt also draw attention for similar practices, though their motivations and targeted groups differ. The table presented here outlines the primary motivations and objectives of these regimes as they target various opposition groups.

It is essential to note that these countries employ diverse tools and pursue distinct end goals beyond targeting specific groups. For instance, the Turkish government engages in arbitrary arrests not just for the Gulenists. It has also jailed prominent figures such as human rights activist Osman Kavala and Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtaş. Egypt, on the other hand, has a historical pattern of targeting not only members of the Brotherhood but also leftists, secularists, and human rights activists.

In summary, this table sheds light on the most oppressed groups in these countries, highlighting the complex landscape of arbitrary detentions and incarcerations worldwide.

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