instituDE Press Release on the occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Torture Committed on Purged (KHK) Diplomats

by instituDE, published on 26 May 2022

Today marks the third anniversary of our former colleagues, purged (KHK) diplomats being subjected to torture in the Ankara Police Headquarters.

This heart wrenching incident was publicized by HDP MP Mr. Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, after which The Human Rights Center of the Ankara Bar Association interviewed our tortured former colleagues and put the grave acts of torture afflicted on them on the record in the form of a report. The story was also widely reported on in international press.

Upon the criminal complaint of the victims, an investigation was initiated by the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Ankara. However, despite the report of the Ankara Bar Association, medical reports and other evidence; this investigation was rendered fruitless by a "Decision of Non-Prosecution". The practice of impunity was thusly showcased, trying to cast a veil over the torture; as in many other instances observed in Turkey particularly in recent years.

Torture is a crime against humanity and is not subject to the statute of limitations. We, as instituDE, will continue our efforts with dedication for this incident not to be forgotten and the perpetrators to receive the due punishment.

With the new detainments carried out on the third anniversary of this deplorable incident, our former colleagues are currently being held in the very place where the torture took place three years ago; the Financial Crimes Unit of the Ankara Police Headquarters. The fact that they were restricted from meeting with their legal counsel once again raised concerns of torture.

Especially in recent years torture has become widespread in Turkey, taking a systematic form. We are committed to continuing our fight against torture and ill-treatment against our former colleagues as well as all persecuted segments of the society.

On this occasion, we strongly urge the Turkish authorities and public officers to refrain from resorting to torture and other mistreatments, to duly investigate torture cases and bring the perpetrators before justice, and take genuine and effective measures to prevent torture and ill-treatment in the future.